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Southbridge Wastewater Treatment Facility

Informative Downloads

Click here to download the complete document on Sewer Regulations, revised 1997

Click here to download the Water and Sewer Rate Schedule (PDF, updated 7/1/2013)

History of Treatment Facilities

The first public system report of sanitary sewers and sewage treatment for the Town of Southbridge was completed on February 21, 1898. The system has been expanded as the growth of the Town progresses and new State and Federal regulations are implemented to protect the Quinebaug River.

The original plant has been upgraded several times to add additional treatment units for increased pollutant removal to include, increased BOD & TSS removal, nitrification, phosphorus removal, effluent dechlorination and a covered composting building to treat 100% of the bio-solids generated at the treatment facility. Also, in 1985 the Town was required to institute an EPA, approved Industrial Pretreatment Program for all industrial users. This program has been successful in keeping the finished compost generated at the facility in the category of Type I, suitable for beneficial use.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Data

Plant type - Grade 6, Advanced Treatment with full composting operations and effluent filtration for utilization as power plant cooling water.

Flow - Annual average daily flow for 2001 - 2.87 MGD.
Designed for 3.77 MGD

Plant Lab Results - Average BOD5 - In 225 mg/L, out 6.6 mg/L, Average 97 % Removal
Average TSS - In 254 mg/L, out 8.4 mg/L, Average 97 % Removal

Collection System - 6 pump stations with 45+ miles of sewer lines.

Population Served - 90-95% of the Town population is served.

Town population - 17,500+ residents.

Facility Overview

The current facilities include: preliminary treatment (mechanically cleaned bar screens, grit removal equipment): primary treatment (2 primary clarifiers), secondary treatment - nitrification & phosphorus removal (2 Activated Bio-filters ABF-and associated pumps, 4 fine bubble diffused aeration tanks and 2 secondary clarifiers) disinfection and dechlorination (2 chlorine contact chambers and dechlorination building) Water reclamation filter and associated pumps (1 used as cooling water for power plant).

The plant is staffed with nine (9) personnel total and one seasonal helper. Duties for staff include; operate and maintain wastewater facility, collection system and pump stations (to include a 5 year system flushing program & 10 year TV inspection program, perform duties associated with Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) and performing a Town wide sump pump & grease trap program.

Problems Overcome/Success Achieved

Composting started in Southbridge in 1985 during the plant upgrade. Odor problems and citizen concerns were evident within 6 months of startup. The Town took a proactive approach to form an odor committee and to implement odor control process adjustments (different combinations of wood chips, rubber chips and sawdust). The odor persisted until the implementation of a wood ash product into the process. Once the wood ash/sawdust/bio-solids "recipe" was fully in use the odor diminished and successful odor control was achieved and continues today.

Effluent copper concentrations became an issue when the NPDES permit was re-issued in 1988. Strict copper limits were included in permits throughout the state and were almost impossible to meet. The Town again took a proactive approach and began experimenting with chemical addition in an effort to reduce copper levels to meet the permit. Success was achieved using a chemical called poly-aluminum chloride (PAC). The PAC was introduced into the influent stream of the facility that caused copper to be removed in the primary clarifiers. This reduced the loading on the secondary process and lower the effluent copper concentrations to within permit limits.

On January 28, 1998 the facility was awarded the EPA Region 1 award for Operation and Maintenance Excellence. The Superintendent of the Southbridge Wastewater Treatment Facility, Paul Krasnecky, received the award at the EPA awards ceremony in Boston.

Contact Information

Southbridge Wastewater Treatment Plant
P.O. Box 1020
83 Dresser Hill Road
Southbridge, MA 01550

Tel. 1-508-764-4927

Click here to download the complete document on Sewer Regulations, revised 1997


Ammended and re-issued August, 2010

Click here to download the Water and Sewer Rate Schedule (PDF, updated 7/1/2013)

Town Manager
Town of Southbridge
August, 2010

Questions concerning payments and amounts may be addressed to the Town Collector's Office (508) 764-5410. Questions concerning consumption amounts may be addressed to the Assessors' Office (508) 764-5404.

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