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View North from Town Hall tower

Department of Public Works

Contact Information

Southbridge Water Department
185 Guelphwood Road
Southbridge, Ma 01550

Phone: 508-764-3207

Water System Information

Informative Downloads

2012 Report on Water Quality (PDF Format)

Click here to download the Water and Sewer Rate Schedule (PDF, updated 7/1/2013)

The water division is located at 185 Guelphwood Road and is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm. You may reach them at 508-764-3207. Ask for Thomas Cutler, Manager

If you have an emergency, you may call 508-764-3207 at any time. Simply tell the operator the nature of your emergency so that the division can react to it.


The Town of Southbridge's water system consists of five surface water reservoirs, one filtration facility, six pumping stations, six water storage tanks, one re-chlorination facility and approximately 73 miles of water main. Four reservoirs are located on Hatchet Brook and one on Cohasse Brook. The Town of Southbridge owns a major portion of the Hatchet Brook reservoirs, watershed and a large portion of the Cohasse Brook reservoir watershed. The remainder of the acreage is largely low-density residential development.

Water is delivered to consumers via a low service system and a high service system.

Filter Plant

The Town of Southbridge completed the construction of a state of the art, 4 million gallon per day water filtration facility in July of 2000. With this Facility the water quality delivered to the customers has greatly improved. Along with the improvement came increased monitoring capabilities.

The entire treatment process is now computer controlled using a SCADA system. SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. The computer controls all equipment processes and monitors the quality of water within the filtration facility. The system will notify operators of Potential problems using alarm set points. The system also has the Capability of "real-time" monitoring at the various pump stations and storage tanks throughout the water distribution system.

The Water Department is in the process of updating the control systems at The pump stations and storage tanks to integrate them with the SCADA Computers. This will give the Department additional control of the water System through the SCADA system.

Quarterly Water Rates and Minimum Charges:

Click here to download the Water and Sewer Rate Schedule (PDF, updated 7/1/2013)

Questions concerning payments and amounts, please call 508-764-5410;
Questions concerning consumption/address changes call 508-764-5404.

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