Stormwater Information - Preventing Pollution

Stormwater Hotline
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Preventing Pollution to our rivers and lakes takes everyones help!

If you see any possible Pollution Discharge to a catch basin, drainage swale, or directly to a stream or river, please call the Stormwater Hotline at 508-764-5403 and report the location and what the concern is or call the Police Department if the issue is on the weekend or after normal business hours at 508-764-5420.  

Below are some information and links on on how you can help. Please do your part.


Preventing Pollution Information - /sites/southbridgema/files/u301/preventing_polluted_runoff.pdf

Stormwater Runoff Information - /sites/southbridgema/files/u301/urban_runoff_fact_sheet.pdf