Stormwater Information - Sump Pump Informtion

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House to House Sump Pump Survey

A Little Background on the Program

Many of the homes and businesses in the Town of Southbridge are equipped with sump pump systems. These are small collection and pumping systems located in the basement of a home, which collect what is referred to as "clean water" from high groundwater levels and drains around a home.

The term "clean water" refers to all water that flows to a sewer that is not from a wastewater source such as a toilet or a sink. When a sump pump system is connected to a sewer line, all of the "clean water" which flows from basement drains and other sources is pumped into the household sewer line and then into the Town's sewer system through a sump pump.

These types of connections are both illegal and pose a danger to the Town's wastewater system and the quality of water in the Quinebaug River where treated wastewater is discharged.

Why is a Sump Pump Survey Program Needed?

During wet weather, millions of gallons of so-called "clean water" enters the Town's sewer system and must be treated, along with the normal wastewater flow loads before it can be safely discharged to the Quinebaug River. Much of this "clean water" enters our sewer system from sump pumps located in houses and commercial buildings that are connected to our sewer system.

As every homeowner and business-owner in the Town recognizes, flows through your sewer connection cost you money, and in turn every gallon that the Town's wastewater treatment plant processes costs us all money. The bottom line is, sump pumps cost us all money by adding unnecessary "clean water" to the wastewater treatment plant, thus reducing the operating capacity of this facility.

This program seeks to control the costs we all pay for sewer service and to protect the water quality of the Quinebaug River by ensuring proper wastewater treatment.

What Will This Accomplish?

The immediate benefit that we realize from this program will be the removal of as much "clean water" as possible from the sewer system. This will in turn provide us all with a safe, reliable, and cost-effective wastewater treatment system.


For specific information or to schedule an appointment call the POTW during the hours of 7:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday @ 508-764-4927.

The Sump Pump Survey is currently underway and employees will need access to your basement. Information on the location of your drain lines, cleanouts, or sump pump locations is helpful. The Town of Southbridge POTW will post notices when they will be in your neighborhood. These are the only times personnel will be in your neighborhood. Call the police 508-764-5420 immediately should anyone try to enter your house outside of the posted hours.