Community Development Block Grant Programs

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The Town of Southbridge is a grantee of the Massachusetts Community
Development Block Grant Program, funded by HUD through the MA Department
of Housing and Community Development. CDBG projects must serve persons of
low/moderate income or correct or prevent slums and blight. The Town has
been fortunate to receive several of these grants, and currently has a
number of "CDBG" projects underway. We are required to work in target
areas, and we have three approved target areas at this time: The Downtown
Area, the Morris/Coombs Neighborhood, and the Worcester/Henry
Neighborhood. Click here to view the maps.

Current CDBG projects include the following:

Grant Year FY13 - Housing Rehabilitation, Commercial Improvements(downtown facades, signs, awnings), Reconstruction of the Southerly Side of the Downtown Sidewalks, Chestnut Street Terminus, McCann Field Design, Social Services.

Grant Year FY14 - Housing Rehabilitation, Final Engineering and Construction of Upper Chestnut Street, Central Parking Lot Re-Design.

This year we also hope to work with the Central MA Regional Planning Commission to undertake and complete a survey of properties and infrastructure in the Globe Village area.  We hope to get the area accepted as an additional CDBG target area.

Grant Year FY15 -

Housing Rehabilitation

Exterior Repairs to 70 Foster Street 

Overland Street Utilities

Economic Development Plan

Social Services.