Industrial Southbridge

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Southbridge was founded at the threshold of the industrial revolution. Development was fueled by waterpower along the Quinebaug River, and a legacy of brick factory buildings and complexes remains to house new industry where mills once thrived. Wool and fabric mills, eyeglass, tool & die, tool and knife industries were the mainstay of the TownÂ’s livelihood during the second half of the nineteenth century and for much of the
twentieth century. Today, fiber optics, sheet metal, safety products, and medical instruments have joined the lens and peripheral industries in the old mill complexes. Tool and die and tool and knife remain in well maintained facilities at various locations. There are still spaces within the old buildings, but other opportunities are also evolving with the development of a new industrial park, where KD&D Commercial, LLC, is
building an 18,720 square foot industrial building for their steel
fabrication business. A single tax rate has been steadily maintained in order to encourage and sustain the growth of industry in our Town. In addition, the Town takes part in the MA Tax Incentive Plan and Tax Increment Financing Program as an economic development tool to support industrial development.

Are you considering moving your industry here? We have a history of attracting and retaining industry here. We have the resources, the services, the roads, the workforce, and the will. Please contact us to discuss why Southbridge may be just the right location for your new or expanding industry.