Southbridge Downtown

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The Town is committed to the preservation and advancement of a healthy, vibrant downtown area. Blessed with fine, Victorian-era buildings, an enviable streetscape, and an active downtown organization, Southbridge has much to offer and anticipate. Most of the buildings are listed on the State and National Historic Registers and the entire downtown "Centre Village Historic District" has been designated a special information
district on the National Register of Historic Places. These lovely
buildings house our restaurants and shops! Specialty shops, restaurants, antique stores, print shops and much more. We have a vibrant business mix and encourage new businesses to join us.

Trail developers are hard at work preparing the way for a walking/biking trail right through the middle of Southbridge Downtown. The trail will continue through Southbridge into Sturbridge, along the Quinebaug River.

We are investing in our downtown! The Downtown is an official
Massachusetts Urban Renewal Area. We are currently in the planning stages of major traffic intersections improvement designs. We are applying for a CDBG Economic Development Fund grant to develop seven units of quality housing units on the second floor of a major downtown building. We have recently completed a similar project at 319 Main Street with spectacular results. We also have a Community Development Block Grant fa├žade improvement program and can provide signs and awnings for downtown business owners.

We have space for your business and room for your growth!!! Southbridge is a full-service community, situated near the center of New England. Commercial development is not limited to the downtown area. Click here to send email.