Cops & Kids

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The Southbridge Police department is very involved with the youth of the community. One of the many examples of that commitment is the Cops & Kids program sponsored by the police department.

The Cops & Kids program is designed to not only give the youth of the community some after school activities, but it is also designed to familiarize the students with the police.

Two of the most active programs are the after school basketball league, which is held on every Wednesday and Thursday night. This program has between 60-100 junior high students participating, with police officers acting as coaches and referee's.

Another activity with large participation is the Cops & Kids dances. These dances are offered once a month on Friday nights. The participation ranges from 150-200 students attending, with officers acting as chaperones.

We encourage all parents with teenage children to contact the police department if they are interested in their children becoming involved in any of the programs offered through Cops & Kids