Facility Overview

The current facilities include: preliminary treatment (mechanically cleaned bar screens, grit removal equipment): primary treatment (2 primary clarifiers), secondary treatment - nitrification & phosphorus removal (2 Activated Bio-filters ABF-and associated pumps, 4 fine bubble diffused aeration tanks and 2 secondary clarifiers) disinfection and dechlorination (2 chlorine contact chambers and dechlorination building) Water reclamation filter and associated pumps (1 used as cooling water for power plant).

The plant is staffed with nine (9) personnel total and one seasonal helper. Duties for staff include; operate and maintain wastewater facility, collection system and pump stations (to include a 5 year system flushing program & 10 year TV inspection program, perform duties associated with Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) and performing a Town wide sump pump & grease trap program.