Department of Public Works


It is the operational mission of the Public Works Department to provide the Town of Southbridge with an adequate water supply that is of the highest quality, a system to collect and treat wastewater to near drinking water quality, a highway network that is safe to drive on in all weather conditions, clean well-groomed parks and recreational facilities, and an attractive, peaceful cemetery for our citizens final resting place. The support mission of the department is to coordinate, plan, assist in the design and supervise, when appropriate, major capital improvement projects.


The Public Works Department was formed in 1974 when Southbridge changed its form of government from an open town meeting to Town Manager-Town Council. The new department incorporated the Highway, Engineering, Sewer, and Parks Departments. It also incorporated the maintenance function of the Recreation Committee, Tree Warden, Moth Superintendent, Fence Viewer, Field Driver, Town Hall Custodian, Water Department, and other related functions. The offices of Tree Warden, Cemetery, Sewer, and Parks Commissioner were abolished.