Oak Ridge Cemetery

The historical portion of Oak Ridge Cemetery is located beyond the granite arches on the south side of lower Main Street. The remainder of the Cemetery is located at the end of Oak Ridge Avenue, off Everett Street.

A limited number of gravesites are still available to Southbridge Residents. Burials are held every day except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Memorial Day. You may reach us at the Operations Office at 508-764-5403 ext. 6 or at the Administration Office at 508-764-5403 ext. 2. We will be glad to make an appointment for you to visit a particular location at a mutually convenient time. 

For a complete list of Oak Ridge Cemetery policies, please read the Oak Ridge Cemetery Policy Statement (PDF), last updated in 2014.


  • Lot Purchase: $500
  • Perpetual Care per lot: $100
  • Burials (Base Fee):
    • Weekday Full Interment: $550
    • Weekday Cremation Burial: $300
  • Additional Burial Fees:
    • Weekend Burial: $200
    • Winter Burial (1): $300
    • Winter Cremation Burial (1): $100
    • Holiday Burial (2): $200
  • Exhumation: $1,100
  • Foundation Fee: $50/SF
  • Flat Marker Set (3): $20