Community Development Block Grant Programs

*Unfortunately at this time we do not have any funding for housing rehabilitation projects/home improvement.

*If you are in need, please see out list of resources:

The Town of Southbridge is a "mini-entitlement" community of the Massachusetts Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). CDBG projects must serve persons of low/moderate income or correct slums and blight. We work in target areas; We have two slum and blight target areas at this time: The Downtown Area and the Globe Village Area. We have three low and moderate-income areas within which we are currently working: the Morris/Coombs Neighborhood, the Worcester/ Henry Neighborhood, and our most recent addition, the Crane-Main section of town. Updated June 15, 2021

CDBG-CV Microenterprise Assistance Grant funding to prepare, prevent, and respond to COVID-19: closed June 30, 2022.  We are no longer taking applications.  We want to thank the Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation (QVCDC) for their help administering this program.  We are proud of our success getting 16 awards out to our participating towns of Charlton, Sturbridge, and Southbridge, totally $211,006.94.

Next Grant Application FY2022 FY2023 (a combined award of $1.3M)

The Town of Southbridge  will be announcing a public meeting in the Fall of 2022 to hear the public's opinion on how to best spend our next Mini_Entitlement grant.  We will do our best to get this information out far and wide in multiple languages to ensure our community is aware of this opportunity.  Look out for announcements here.  

Grant Year FY2021:  awarded and funds released in July 2022.  

The Town of Southbridge was awarded funds for the following projects,:

  • River  Street and Crane Street paving, sidewalk, drainage, water, and sewer improvements
  • McCann field  ADA path lighting and security upgrades
  • Code Enforcement (60% Health Code Enforcement Officer and 100% PT Building Code Officer)

Grant Year FY2020: in progress

The Town of Southbridge was awarded its FY20 application in January 2021 for the following projects,.

  • West Street paving, sidewalk, drainage, water, and sewer improvements
  • McCann field ball fields upgrades
  • Code Enforcement

Grant Year FY2019: 

The Town of Southbridge  will be wrapping up its FY19 grant in Decemeber with the Main Street project and code enforcement complete.  Remaining is the last of our commercial rehabilitation projects in the downtown. 

In an effort to spruce up the downtown the Town of Southbridge is providing a forgivable loan for production and installation of signs/ awnings at 22 Hamilton and 57 Central Street (abutters to our Central Street Parking Lot), 1-11 Central Street,  and 300 Main Street.\

For more information about the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, email Peg Dean or contact by phone at 508-764-5402.

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