Auxiliary Police

The Southbridge Auxiliary Police Department's goal is to assist and augment the full time officers of the Police Department. It never has been, nor will it ever be, the intention of the Auxiliary Police Unit to take the place of the full time police officers. Their function is to be the eyes and ears of the police department, and to assist and learn from the more experienced officers.

One function, which has served several members well, is that being a member of the Auxiliary Police Department readies individuals for a career as a full time police officer. The strict discipline of the unit and the training each officer receives, provides each Auxiliary Officer with a strong background in law enforcement prior to being hired by an agency as a full-time officer.

The Auxiliary Police Unit is not only a stepping stone for a career in law enforcement, it also provides every citizen with the opportunity to serve the Town of Southbridge, and allows them a feeling of pride in playing an active role in making their community safer.

House Checks

The Auxiliary Police Unit provides apartment and/or house checks for people who are on vacation. They also provide house checks on a regular basis for people who would like them, for medical or other reasons.


If you have any questions regarding the Southbridge Police Department Auxiliary Unit please contact Sergeant Robert Salisbury at 508-764-5420.