Crime Scene Services


The mission of the crime scene unit is to assist other divisions within the department, such as the detective unit, domestic violence unit, and patrol division in the collection, identification and documentation of evidence.

Training & Services

The crime scene unit is staffed by 2 officers, who have been trained in:

  • Latent fingerprint identification and recovery
  • Evidence identification and recovery
  • Crime scene management and analysis
  • Forensic photography
  • Surveillance photography
  • Other specialized forensic subjects

A few examples would be:

  • Photographs and documentation of injuries as the result of a domestic abuse incident. Removal of latent finger prints from a burglary scene.
  • Preservation of evidence and attempted retrieval of finger prints from stolen property which has been recovered.
  • The unit recovers, and preserves evidence that would otherwise be lost. They offer valuable assistance to the investigative units within the department.


If you have any questions regarding the services offered by the unit please call 508-764-5420 to contact:

  • Deputy Chief Jose Dingui
  • Sergeant Evan Genkos