The Southbridge Police Department currently employs 6 police sergeants. 5 working patrol, and 1 assigned to the detective unit. In accordance with the rest of the department, promotions to sergeant are determined by civil service requirements.

The responsibilities include first line supervision of patrol operations, and direct communication with the lieutenant and chief relative to departmental issues.

Each sergeant is responsible for at least 1 specialized division within the department. For example, one sergeant is in charge of the Auxiliary Police. Another sergeant is responsible for abandoned vehicles. Another is responsible for overseeing community policing efforts. The list of activities go on and on in an effort to provide the sergeants a greater role within the department, and the community.

Current Sergeants

  • Sergeant Ryan Roettger
  • Sergeant John Fahey
  • Sergeant Luis Torres
  • Sergeant Evan Genkos
  • Sergeant Jordahn Witherspoon
  • Sergeant Kaiten Neill