Marriage Licenses

A marriage license is issued to individuals who are to be married in Massachusetts. The license itself is issued three days after the parties file their Intentions to be married by appearing in person together at the Clerk's Office. Both persons must be 18 years of age. If under 18 a court order is required. The couple should bring their ID with them when applying for a license.

The fee of $25 (cash or check only) is due at the time of filing Intentions.

Wedding Day

The marriage may take place anywhere in Massachusetts during the 60 days following the date of filing Intentions and after satisfying the three-day waiting period.

A pre-marital blood test is not required as part of the process of obtaining a license to be married in the Commonwealth due to a significant change in the General Laws effective January 28, 2005.

After Wedding Day

Following the ceremony and marriage, the clergyman or Justice of the Peace should provide some proof of marriage. The license may not be copied. The clergyman or Justice of the Peace will file the original marriage license in the place where it was issued by the 10th day of the next month and then it is possible for the couple to obtain certified copies of their license.

Anyone anticipating marriage is strongly encouraged to call the Town Clerk's Office to confirm the requirements for obtaining a marriage license as there are exceptions to the general requirements outlined.