Town Manager

The Town Manager shall be the chief administrative officer of the town, and shall be directly responsible and accountable to the Town Council for the effective administration of all town affairs placed in his or her charge by the Council or by this Charter. All Department Heads report directly to the Town Manager, and the Town Manager reports directly to the Town Council regarding all municipal operations.


The Town Manager is the Chief Procurement Officer, Appointing Authority, and Licensing Authority for the town.

The Town Manager's Office is one of the main contact points when citizens have concerns or complaints, and the office facilitates dispute resolution.

The Town Manager's Office also serves as the contact point for the 9-member Town Council. Each Councilor has a mailbox located in the Town Manager's Office.

The Town Manager's Office is additionally responsible for posting bimonthly Town Council meetings and subcommittee meetings. The office prepares and distributes the agenda and supporting documentation for each meeting.