Health Insurance

Effective July 1, 2022, the Town contributes 70% towards the cost of health insurance for eligible active employees, and the eligible active employees cover the remaining 30%. The Town contribution for retirees and surviving spouses is 50%, and retirees and surviving spouses cover the remaining 50%.

Enrollment Periods

Eligible employees working 20 hours or more can enroll in a health insurance plan as a new hire effective their first day of work (benefit coverages will commence on the first of the month following an employee's hire date and employees have 30 days to elect coverages)  or during open enrollment (certain dates in May, effective July 1st) or upon a qualifying event such as loss of other coverage due to no fault of your own, loss of dependent status, or death of a spouse. You can add dependents to your existing plan during open enrollment or upon a qualifying event such as the birth or adoption of a child, marriage, or loss of coverage due to no fault of their own. To enroll, you will need names, social security numbers, dates of birth, and primary care physician names (PCP required for both HMO plans but not the PPO plan ) for you and the dependent(s) you wish to add to your coverage. Eligible employees may choose between HMO or PPO plans through MIIA/Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. 

2022 Open Enrollment May 9th - May 20th (Health, Dental, FSA, & Vision)

This year, we will need employees to fill out an application if they so wish to add or make a change to their insurance coverage. The coverage will begin July 1st, 2022 through June 30th, 2023. Please submit the Enrollment Change Form to the Human Resources Department.

Enrollment Change Form

Plans for Active Employees  


Blue Cross Blue Shield and MIIA have gone paperless and no longer provide us with printed plan information. See our dedicated Blue Cross Blue Shield website.  It contains an E-Kit with plan summaries, a Summary of Benefits, Fitness Reward Brochures, Mail-In Pharmacy brochures, and all other plan information. 

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