Traffic Safety & Parking


See the following links for various traffic safety items.  If you have traffic or safety concerns  about an area in Southbridge that does not amount to an emergency please call our business line (508) 764-5420.  Emergencies should be called in to 911.

Massachusetts Traffic Safety

Massachusetts Highway Safety Division

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Safe Car Vehicle Safety, Ratings and Recalls

Parking By-Laws

Section 7-201 No Parking During Street Sweeping Operations

During street sweeping operations, there shall be no parking on streets designated by the Town Manager or the director of public works. Any vehicle parked in violation of this By-law shall be removed by order of the Town Manager, chief of police or director of public works or their authorized representatives. If the vehicle is removed for the purpose of street sweeping operations, towing and storage charges may also be imposed, as otherwise provided by law. A record of registration numbers of each vehicle so removed shall be kept that also states the place to which it was removed and within 12 hours the police department shall notify the owner or his agent. Before the owner or his agent shall be permitted to claim a vehicle which has been removed as aforesaid to a garage or other convenient place, he shall furnish satisfactory evidence to the owner or person in charge of said garage, or the chief of police, of his identity and ownership or right to the possession of said vehicle. (Article VIII, § 34)

Section 7-202 Inoperable Motor Vehicles in Public Ways

No person owning, possessing or having charge of a motor vehicle that is inoperable shall allow said vehicle to remain out of use upon any street or way, except in case of emergency. No person shall perform any work including, but not limited to, repair work, maintenance work, changing parts, etc., on any motor vehicle on any public street, public way or public parking lot, except such emergency repair work as is necessary to remove said vehicle from the said street, way or parking lot. (Article VIII, § 35) (TCM 9/24/84)

Section 7-203 Parking of Vehicles in Excess of Certain Width and Height on Public Ways

No person shall park any vehicle in excess of 7 feet in width or 8 feet in height on any public way for a period of longer than 20 minutes, unless for some purpose incidental to the operation of the vehicle, loading or unloading of the vehicle, or the performance of a service during a normal working day. (Article VIII, § 36) (TCM 10/26/87)

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