Historical Commission

The Southbridge Historical Commission was established on March 19th, 1973 in accordance with Article [50] at the annual town meeting. It is comprised of a seven Member Board appointed by the Town Manager and confirmed by the Town Council.

Historical Commission Bylaws

3-210.2 Authority and Responsibility- The historical commission shall have such authority and responsibility as is provided to historical commissions Under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40 , Section 8D

  • The historical commission shall act for the preservation, promotion and development of the historical assets of the town.
  • The commission shall conduct research into places of historic value and shall seek to coordinate the activities of unofficial bodies organized for similar purposes.
  • The commission may acquire by gift, purchase or otherwise articles, artifacts, books, paintings and other materials of historic interest or value and shall provide a proper place for the storage and display of any such materials.
  • The commission may advertise, prepare, print and distribute books, maps, charts, plans and pamphlets which it deems necessary for its work.
  • For the purpose of protecting and preserving places of interest as it deems worthy, the commission may recommend to the town that such places be certified as an historical landmark.



Name Title
William Casey Jolin - term expires June 30, 2020 Acting Chair
Amanda Richards - term expires June 30, 2020 Secretary
Helen Lenti - term expires June 30, 2021 Treasurer
Helen Boyle - term expires June 30, 2022
Arthur F. Martin - term expires June 30, 2020
Linda Langevin-Zonia - term expires June 30, 2022