NOTICE - AVISO: Decorations at Oak Ridge Cemetery

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In accordance with the Oak Ridge Cemetery Policy Statement (revised May 2014), winter decorations are required to be removed from gravesites on or before April 1st. Summer decorations will be permitted starting on May 10th.

Additionally, in response to complaints, the Department of Public works will strengthen the enforcement of the decorations policy starting on May 15th, 2018. At that time, any decorations in violation of the Oak Ridge Cemetery Policy Statement will be subject to removal and disposal without further notification. A summary of the decorations policy is provided below. The full policy statement is available HERE, or available for pick up at the DPW Facility located at 185 Guelphwood Road.

Flower beds: Flower beds must be located directly in front of monuments. They may be no longer than the length of the monument and extend no more than one (1) foot from the front of the monument.

Semi-permanent decorations (such as cut or potted flowers): These decorations may be placed directly in front of, behind, or on top of the monument only.

Any decorations which are not maintained in good order will be subject to removal without notice.

Please contact the DPW with any questions at (508) 764-5403.