Adopt-a-Park Program

What is the Southbridge Adopt a Park Program?

The Adopt a Park program allows community organizations, businesses, or individuals/families the opportunity to enhance our community by assisting with the maintenance and beautification of one or more of our town’s parks or recreation facilities.  The goal of the program is to increase community pride in our parks and facilities with beautification efforts, reducing litter and the effects of vandalism, and increasing community promotion of these valuable resources.

What are the Sponsor’s Responsibilities?

  • Commit for a minimum of 2 years of service to the adopted park and complete the Adopt-a-Park application and liability agreement.
  • Organize a clean-up/improvement day at least once a month from April-October each year, providing a monthly update of adoption activities to the Recreation Department.
  • Check for and report vandalism, broken equipment, or any facility concerns to the Recreation Director within 2 business days.
  • Clean-up days include the following eligible activities.

(Must be approved by Recreation Department)

  • Landscaping (pulling weeds, planting flowers, watering or mulching)
  • Pick up litter and debris and place in provided rubbish containers
  • Repaint equipment and graffiti removal
  • Sweep court surfaces, rake & level playground surface material
  • Promote and market your park around town
  • Your organization's ideas
    • ___________________________________________________________
    • ___________________________________________________________
    • ___________________________________________________________

What will the Town of Southbridge provide to sponsors?

  • Address in a reasonable manner reported findings from the sponsor
  • Provide the requested signage in the adopted park displaying the sponsor’s name
  • Assist with project planning and scheduling
  • Make available trash receptacles or bags, paint or other tools and supplies necessary to fulfill Adopt a Park responsibilities

What do you get for your Adoption?

  • An official acknowledgement from the Town of Southbridge recognizing your stewardship and commitment to the community
  • The authorization to install a sign in the park as a visual statement of your commitment to the community and your organization’s efforts
  • Priority in scheduling reservations of adopted facility

Program Contact Information:

Southbridge Recreation Department

Steven Roenfeldt – Director

Phone: 508-764-6459



Facebook: Southbridge Recreation

List of Adoptable Parks and Facilities:

  • Walcott St Playground
  • Main St Playground -Adopted by the Southbridge Rotary
  • West St Lower Fields & Playground
  • West St Tennis Courts and Playground
  • Alva Gregoire Memorial Fields on West St
  • “The Rez” on High St - Adopted by Friends of the Rez
  • Morris St Playground & Basketball Court -Adopted by Cub Scout Troop 140
  • Morris St Athletic Fields
  • Ed McCann Softball Field
  • Ed McCann Baseball fields
  • Ed McCann Handball Court - Adopted by the New England Handballers Association
  • Ed McCann Basketball Court
  • Ed McCann Playgrounds - Adopted by Bay Path Voc HS
  • Joe Capillo Park - Adopted by Planet Arin


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