Abandoned and Unclaimed Property

Uncashed, town issued, checks are considered to be unclaimed property three months after the issue date and until they remain uncashed for a period of more than three years, when they become abandoned property. Uncashed checks are researched once per year and the links below will be "live" during that process.

Please use the following links to review current listings of abandoned/unclaimed property and assets (PDF Format). To claim any of the items listed, please use the Abandoned Property Claim Form link as indicated.

Abandoned Checks List - (Updated 05/17/2018) This list shows the payee of all uncashed checks over 1 year old. If they remain unclaimed after 60 days after advertising , they will be deemed Abandoned Property and closed out to the General Fund of the Town.  This list will also be published in the Southbridge News on May 24, 2018.

Unclaimed Property List -(Updated 05/17/2018) This list shows the payee  of all uncashed checks under 1 year old, but more than 3 months old. If they remain unclaimed, they will become Abandoned Property after 1 year of issue.

Claim Form - Use this form to file a claim for any property/assets as listed in the above documents.