Veterans' Services Department

The mission of the Southbridge Department of Veterans Services is to advocate on behalf of all the Commonwealth’s Veterans, their spouses and dependent children by providing them with quality support with financial and medical assistance in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 115 and CMR 108.

State Benefits

Chapter 115 Veterans Benefits: Provides veteran in need of financial assistance with food, housing, clothing, employment, medical assistance, and buriul assistance.

Additionally, we provide referrals and assistance with housing, alternate sources of income, such as Social Security and the VA, employment opportunities, fuel assistance programs, area food banks, shelters, and employment services. We are committed to ensuring that the veterans and their families receive the assistance that they are eligible for and to encourage them to seek permanent, life-long solutions to their needs.

Bonuses: Currently the Persion Gulf War Bonus is available to certain disabled veterans or their survivors.

Property Tax: There are a number of exemptions available to certain disabled veterans or their survivors.

Sales & Excise Tax: Certain disabled veterans are eligible for a motor vehicle sales and excise tax exemptions. Contact the Assessor's office.

Massachusetts Veterans’ Cemeteries: There are two State cemeteries (Agawam & Winchendon) that are available for the commonwealth’s deceased veterans, spouses, and dependents.

VA National Cemetery: Massachusetts National Cemetery is located in Bourne, MA. Phone contact is (508)-563-7113.

Annuity: There is a $2000.00 annuity available for 100% service connected disabled veterans, parents of a son or daughter and to a spouse whose husband or wife died as a result of injury sustained or disease contracted during active service in time of war, insurrection or combat.

Employment: Veterans are given preference for employment for civil service positions or appointment to eligible Federal positions.

Woman Veterans: Department of Veterans services has a Woman’s Veterans Network Program whose mission is to provide woman veterans with information on benefits, expand awareness of the needs of woman veterans, and to identify available health and human resources to meet those needs, and to advocate on behalf of woman veterans.

Keith W.T. Roberts is the District Veterans Services Director for the Town of Southbridge. Available for contact or appointment Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., office located at the Southbridge Community center at 153 Chestnut Street. If you have any questions or concerns with any of the above information. Please call (508) 764-5436, or e-mail at